AES 256-bit encryption

All of your private data is encrypted with a unique 256-bit key using AES encryption, a world-class, scientifically-proven algorithm used by banks and government organizations to keep confidential information secret.

50,000+ iterations of PBKDF2

Your confidential information is protected by a key derived from over 50,000 iterations of salted PBKDF2, one of the strongest key-derivation algorithms in the world.

It's like putting your information through a shredder. 50,000 times.

Your password and encryption key are never stored

Your master password and encryption key are never stored on our servers or on your devices, so only you hold the key to your information.

Two-factor authentication

Whenever a new device tries to access your account, we inform you immediately and provide you with a security code that you can use to grant access.

That means that even if someone gained access to your username and master password, they still wouldn't be able to access your information without your approval.

No back doors

Your master password is the only way to access your confidential information, so you alone hold the key to your data.

Other services have back doors such as security questions or password resets, which can allow an attacker to gain account access without your password.

The fastest and safest hosting

Lockit's physical infrastructure utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology to dynamically scale performance to meet your needs.

Our AWS data center operations adhere to strict industry standards:

  • ISO 27001
  • PCI