Never forget a password again

Lockit remembers your passwords for you, so you can remember more practical things.

  • Protect your information from unauthorized access
  • Measure the strength of your existing passwords
  • Generate secure passwords automatically

Keep your data secure

Lockit uses world-class AES 256-bit encryption to secure your information on your devices and in the cloud, and never stores your password or encryption keys anywhere.

Two-factor authentication provides an additional security layer that protects your account from unauthorized access.

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256-bit AES Encryption

50,000+ Iterations of PBKDF2

Two-Factor Authentication

Master Password is Never Stored

Touch ID Fingerprint Identification

Automatically backup your information

Even if your device is lost or stolen, rest assured that we've got your information backed up securely.

With our industry-leading data protection, you can get back up and running in seconds, and even remotely wipe any compromised devices.

Your wallet. Anywhere.

With Lockit, your wallet is always accessible, even if you left it at home. Enter all your payment information automatically and securely.

  • Streamline your online shopping experience
  • Organize all your payment types automatically
  • Free yourself from unnecessary clutter

Auto-fill any form in seconds

Auto-fill has never been easier. Fill out any form in seconds, and save new information to Lockit as you go.

  • Auto-fill directly in Safari browser using iOS 8
  • Authenticate using Apple's Touch ID fingerprint recognition
  • Supports login, payment, social, and contact info